Elevator Conveyor Belt

Elevator Conveyor Belt

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As a prominent organization,  we offer the world-class Elevator Conveyor Belt to clients. The material utilized in the fabrication of the belt is procured from the well-recognized dealers in the industry. The type of belt is dimensionally accurate, has excellent rust resistance, innovative design and user friendliness. It doesn't need much effort for maintenance and also performs excellently. Patrons can buy this Elevator Conveyor Belt at competitive rates. A bucket elevator can elevate different kind of bulk materials from the finest to the largest lumps, and from light to heavy

It is perfect for:

  • Gravel, Sand, and stone industry
  • Cement & concrete plants
  • Power stations, heating stations and garbage incinerating plants
  • Recycling, compost and mineral processing plants
  • Asphalt mixing plants
  • Farming
  • Timber industry and sawmills
  • Warehousing & silo feeding
  • Docks, ship loading & unloading
  • Foundries, salt mines, sugar refineries, potatoes and starch factories
  • Waste treatment plants

Key features:

  • Tensile strengths accessible from 315N/mm up to 6300N/mm
  • Tensile members: Nylon, EP, kevlar, cotton, steel cord
  • Width of the belt is available ranging from 100mm up to 2500mm
  • Full assortment of supreme quality cover compounds comprising white food grade, fire resistant, oil resistant & heat resistant,
  • Minimum elongation enabling short take-up units
  • Fastener strength and great bolt teat resistance.
  • Small pulley diameters
  • Outstanding clamping characteristics